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About Our Company

GraceLight Homecare About Our Company

Our Mission

United Nursing Personal Care, Inc is dedicated to providing exceptional, cost effective, family focused care for the medically complex patient. Our goal is to meet the patients medical needs in the nurturing environment of their home, minimize the impact of the patient's condition on the family while respecting the role of the family in the care of the patient.

Our Values

  • Providing care with love and professional manners
  • Professional Commitment
  • Open Communication
  • Providing the best Service
  • Improving Education
  • Respect
  • Charity
  • Valuing our Clients, Like Our Family.


  • Be treated with respect,consideration and kindness
  • Have a dependable and responsable caregiver(cna)
  • Dismiss any caregiver(cna)for unsafe service practice
  • Have honest handling of personal property
  • Have privacy and modesty respected
  • Have confidentiallity
  • Have acceptance of cultural and religion practices.
  • Not to be abused physically, verbally, emotionally, or sexually by a caregiver(cna)